Increase your mental strength!


Looking after your muscles and making them grow is one thing but without a healthy mind it can be difficult to focus and keep yourself motivated. Getting in the right mindset is essential to your training. When trying to get a certain physique or lift a set amount of weight

Muscle Confusion


Muscle Confusion? Consistency plays a fundamental and integral part in garnering any type of gains in this sport. Each and every day you have to be spot on with your training, your nutrition, your supplementation and your rest. Without those key ingredients in place you will eventually just start spinning

Don’t neglect your Legs!


Maximising leg growth – “Don’t neglect your Legs!”   A lot of us take pride and put a lot of  time into our training of the upper body and forget to look down and spend time on the other half. Training legs is not a priority for a lot of

The End Goal – How setting targets is the key! 🔑💪✅


Setting yourself a goal to achieve is essential! It is essential to work towards an end goal and break this down along the way into smaller bite size objectives to meet. With no focus or achievement to desire it’s very hard to stay motivated and track your overall progress. The

Avoid these foods! 🍴🤢


Consuming bad food is the world’s biggest cause of death! Millions of people die each year, because of the bad food choices they make. Top death factors worldwide are directly or indirectly related to nutrition and physical activity. Heart diseases, strokes, diabetes, cancers, overweight and obesity are strongly diet-related. If you care

High Reps = Muscle Mass? 💪🏻


Here’s a question for you. Take a group of guys who have been lifting weights for at least a year. Split them into two groups. Get both groups to follow the same training program – bench press, military press, wide grip lat pulldown, seated cable row, squat, leg press and

Tri this! Don’t neglect the other side of your arms! 💪🏼


Trouble with Triceps? Tri this Our biceps are often the main focus for arms but remember the other side is just important! You should be paying just as much attention to your triceps as the biceps. Follow some of the guidance below for some great results in this area. Overhead

Motivational Videos

MUSCLEPAX Motivation

Here we have compiled some of the best motivational videos on the web! 💪🏼🔥 Watch one or all of them and get motivated to go and smash your goals. Our aim is to send you the same level of motivation each month condensed into an amazing package. See what subscriptions we

Want more muscle? Here are 10 simple rules to follow


We are often blinded by information in this digital age as we get flooded with new ways to train and eat like  really obscure exercises and next-gen supplements to take. How did the old-school bodybuilders manage? They did not have any of the tools we have today or access to

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